3D modeling using Fusion 360

In the workshop we will learn the basics of Autodesk’s Fusion 360 computer software designed for the design of parts and assemblies by building sketches and models of parts and assemblies. The software is free and cloud-based. At the end of the course, the learners will be able to print for free the exercise they… Continue Reading 3D modeling using Fusion 360

מרעיון להמצאה

From idea to an invention

What engineers and scientists must know about patents lecture name : Mr. Moti Taicher. Location : Mehoudar Center for Inventors at the Technion (Danziger building, floor 1). Dates :  Mondays –  28.11,   05.12,   12.12,   28.12,   2.01,    9.01 . Time : 17:00-20:00 Topics : Introduction to invention and innovation. What patents are ? How to… Continue Reading From idea to an invention

איש אופניים - צעצוע מסדנה לבניית צעצועים זזים במרכז מהודר, טכניון

A workshop in a summer spirit for Technion employees

A workshop in a summer spirit for Technion employees, it’s time to build cardboard bicycles with us, invent who rides them, and have fun solving creative problems. The workshop for building moving toys is an educational venture that has been engaged since 2009 in developing workshops in a mechanical spirit for understanding mechanical movement mechanisms,… Continue Reading A workshop in a summer spirit for Technion employees

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להרוויח עוד שעה ביום

Earn extra hour a day – GTD practice by Trello

Getting Things Done is a five-step method that helps you successfully deal with the load of tasks and projects we have in our heads, email and life in general. The method is studied in 90 countries in the world and practiced by millions of men and women who wish to learn a way to achieve… Continue Reading Earn extra hour a day – GTD practice by Trello

איש עם תחושת הצלחה יושב מול מחשב

Achieving goals in life

Success is the gradual realization of goals and objectives. If we define what we want to achieve, we can make sure that we are on the way and also make sure that we have reached the destination. During the workshop and practice we will receive tools and skills that will help us manage our personal… Continue Reading Achieving goals in life

עובדים עומדים במעגל ומשלבים ידיים

Employee Motivation

One of the main phenomena that occupy many organizations today is recruitment and employee retention. Most often these phenomena are caused by the lack of satisfaction of the needs and motives of our employees, or in one word motivation. In recent years, the term motivation has gained a new perspective And instead of dealing with… Continue Reading Employee Motivation

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לוח שחמט

Learning strategies

The workshop will deal with techniques for improving learning processes, identifying areas of strength and difficulty, building an optimal learning plan, time management and ways to organize and prepare for exams. Lecturer: Limor Saiet When? Wednesday 30.11.2022 | 14:00 – 13:00 Where? Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center , Ullman Building, 4th floor Participation is free but pre-registration is… Continue Reading Learning strategies

יד שמחזיקה מפתחות

Keys to success

Acceptance to study at the Technion makes us happy and proud, at the same time we are required to make an effort and adapt to the new stage in our lives, which includes a variety of changes, until we finish successfully. Correctly dealing with the changes may protect us from failure and unpleasant surprises. You… Continue Reading Keys to success

The algorithm will see you from now on Opportunities and challenges in the use of artificial intelligence in medicine Lecturer: Mr. Elad Benjamin (Phillips VP) Time and date: 26.12.21, Sunday, 16:30 Where: Entrepreneurship Center About the lecture: The lecture will focus on the world of artificial intelligence and shed light on the development processes and… Continue Reading

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