Inventors Training Program

We chose to focus on three topics:

Patents and intellectual property



We believe that an inventor is a profession and becoming an inventor requires a training which we will provide.
We offer training that emphasizes these three subjects and include lectures, workshops, hacktons/maketons, meetings, collaborations with industry and Technion faculties.
The training will be delivered by internal or external Technion parties and will include various experiences, starting with conceptual development to meet a need, modeling and creating prototypes and testing them.
We’re looking for all potential inventors regardless of their academic or industry affiliation. We invite individuals to our open training. Some of the training sessions are intended specifically for our community of inventors.

המשתתפים בסדנה בחשיבה עיצובית עומדים מול השולחן עם משימות.
סטודנט עומד מול השולחן עם חלקים שהודפסו במסגרת השתלמות הדפסות תלת מימד חברת סיסטמטיקס.
מפגש של פרוייקט פורמולה.
מפגש של נשים יזמיות במגזר הערבי. נשים יושבות סביב השולחן ומקשיבות למרצה.