The Technion promotes ‘entrepreneurial thinking’ as a key and essential component in the toolbox of Israel’s science and engineering graduates. This thinking includes new skills, extensive knowledge and understanding, a systemic approach, and personal skills that are not part of the traditional scientific and technological training, but are today key to the integration and success of graduates in academia, industry and technological entrepreneurship.
t-hub, the Technion’s new Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center, is leading a significant and substantial move to deepen the education for entrepreneurial thinking and behavior, and to create the best possible environment for Technion students and researchers in particular, and other target audiences in general, to experiment and create scientific and technological entrepreneurship.
The Center assists entrepreneurs in fostering and integrating entrepreneurial elements in interpersonal, social and business practices, and in addition promotes a conceptual and cultural change in the mindset of Technion audiences. A change to a mindset that embraces collaboration and collaborative activities, cross-disciplinary activities, exposing students and academic staff to advanced teamwork skills, and creating common language and interdisciplinary thinking. All this while leveraging the entrepreneurial activity within the various faculties and excellence centers in the Technion, and connecting it to the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center through bridges, upgrading crucial infrastructures, and raising awareness of students and researchers to existing and new entrepreneurial activities.
t-hub offers: (1) practical training and the integration of tools for entrepreneurial and creative thinking and behavior, alongside technological and scientific ones, to solve real engineering, technological and scientific challenges in everyday life. (2) Access for researchers and students in all faculties on campus to technological and scientific infrastructure and development tools, and the operation of makers’ areas designated for the development of prototypes and work in interdisciplinary teams. (3) Exposure and integration of advanced design methods, design thinking, project management methods, and familiarity with the world of patents and economic aspects of entrepreneurship. (4) Empowerment of the entrepreneurial culture across campus through entrepreneurial and multidisciplinary final projects, hackathons, international collaborative programs and many other activities.
The Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center is an all-Technion hub of knowledge, fostering and incorporating values of entrepreneurship and creativity into campus culture, curricula, and into Technion implementation and commercialization of research. The Center exposes Technion audiences, academia and industry, to the forefront of entrepreneurship and innovation in Israel and around the world, and serves as a platform for presenting best practices in these areas.