The Inventors Program - a nurturing environment for inventions and inventors

t:invent program illustration

The Inventors program is the heart of the center and is designed to help develop and promote inventions that are valuable to the Israeli market and industry. Each year, the center will receive about 30 inventions that will receive varied assistance. The inventors will join our community of inventors and will be exposed to the center's activities.
Who is the t:invent for? everyone! This program is inviting inventors in any age from within the Technion or outside, to join us.
Is there a participation fee? No! An invention that is accepted into the program will receive budgetary support, a voucher that will be used for the prototype production: raw materials and the use of equipment and machines, workshops and the development of the invention at the center.
What are the admission requirements? The invention must be of a physical product with or without an application (there is no software development at the center), the idea must be innovative that can be registered for patent protection. The inventors are required to develop the invention on their own. Participants must take part in our enrichment and training program, come to the center once a week and accept the center's regulations.

What do we offer?

Professional guidance


Access to equipment for prototype production

Advice on IP

Enabling access to Technion knowledge sources

Assistance in building the story presentation

Joining our community of inventors

Invention development program stages are:

  1. Ideator - Inventor

  2. An idea submission document

  3. Contractual agreement


  5. Go No Go: Idea and inventor review

  6. Plan building & idea development

  7. Idea acceptance: Go No Go

  8. Consulting/business connecting