The Technion’s Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the Technion is offered to Technion audiences with the understanding that technological entrepreneurship requires a synergy between technology and a scientific basis, and design, business aspects and interpersonal skills. The combination of the content worlds that drive innovation and technological entrepreneurship, requires the assimilation of the four aspects mentioned above in the education of engineers and scientists and in the development and application of innovative pedagogical tools.
The training activity is proposed in order to establish the physical and conceptual infrastructure necessary for the development and operation of academic courses and educational methods, which provide additional layers of entrepreneurship and innovation beyond the existing academic framework, including workshops and other special activities. These layers are largely based on the principles of learning while doing and researching, and include project-based learning and education in a variety of formats, some experimental, all of which emphasize interpersonal skills and training for multidisciplinary and international activities. The training activity is intended for Technion audiences in order to provide as many participants as possible with advanced tools for implementing entrepreneurial thinking and behavior.