From script to viral video

מתסריט ועד סרטון ויראלי

A fascinating workshop on photography and editing for viral commercials / promotional videos. At the meeting we will present the t-school commercial video competition and you can choose to participate.

Video as “Eye-catching”

An eye-catching viral video? What should be in it in order to “catch” the viewer’s eye in every possible media.

Advertisement versus image

What is the difference between an advertisement on the media / television networks and an image film.

Film development

How do you start from scratch? What should I do to develop my film from thought to action?


How to write a script and what are the important guidelines for maintaining order and organization prior to filming.

Video Photography – Basic Rules

Receiving tools and guidelines for stable, high-quality and professional photography.

Video Editing

Mobile app – In shot HitFilm Express editing software – (pre-recorded tutorial) – optional


On Tuesday 31.08.2021 | Between 17: 30-19: 30 (Zoom)

Terms & Conditions of T-school commercial video contest (PDF)