Decision Making

יוסי יסעור

A lecture spiced with a sense of humor that illustrates the (absurd) points that exist in the decision-making of us all.
Every day we make thousands of decisions. The decision-making process is complex and involves many components. Some decisions are made after lengthy thinking, but most are made almost automatically.
In this lecture, we will deal with the destructive effect of superstitions on decision making, examine what more influences decisions, absolute results or relative results? How do defaults affect our decisions and how can active and passive decisions be used to choose alternatives? And we will understand whether many choices improve the decision? ”
A lecture will give you tools for making better decisions in the business and personal areas.

Lecturer: Prof. Yossi Yasur, who holds a doctorate in decision theory from the Harvard Business School in the United States, is a lecturer in decision theory and business administration at the Ruppin Academic Center.

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