Decision making workshop

סדנת קבלת החלטות

In the decision-making workshop we will deal with:

    • Filling out the “advantages and disadvantages” tables in several stages, based on guiding questions from the world of positive psychology
    • Exercise ‘The 6 Hats of De Bono’.
    • Analysis of examples using the ‘APPRECIATIVE INQUIRY’ method from the world of positive psychology based on positive decisions made in the workplace.

The Lecturer: Yoav Gaz, Founder and CEO of Beta.

יואב גז
Expert, manager and lecturer in intra-organizational innovation and entrepreneurship. Senior in the high-tech and global communications industry. Yoav brings with him more than 20 years of experience in entrepreneurship and senior management in Israel and around the world. Yoav was a VP and board member of Amdocs’ services organization and was the founder of the successful Internal Organizational Innovation Service R&D in the fields of digital, finance, artificial intelligence, communications and big data.

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