Communication and intelligences

Moderator: Maor Elimelech

The meeting will take place at the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Wednesday, December 22, 2021,

Communication and intelligences

You did not understand me!!!

How many times have you explained in the clearest way (to you) and yet the other side understood something else.

The Pentagon of Intelligence, one of the leading theories, based on an approach that sees man as a complex entity operating simultaneously in five different dimensions of intelligence (cognitive, creative, interpersonal emotional, ethical and applied values).

The desire to understand and be understood is critical in personal and professional life (yes, even in school).

In the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Ullman Building, 4th floor

Expected schedule:

12:30 – Gathering and pizza

13: 00- 14:15 – Workshop

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** The event grants 1 t-school points