Celebrate Purim from a different angle.

פעילות פורים בזווית אחרת

Award-winning creative photography activity.

Create amazing images, discover your creativity!

Ricky Zehavi – owns a studio that specializes in conducting smartphone photography workshops.

We all use our smartphones to photograph different things, whether it is to document moments in our lives whether it is to share our creativity or show the world our destiny.

In the workshop we will talk about popular photography styles, features in a smartphone and we will learn how to configure them to get the best and highest quality photos.

In the workshop you will learn basic principles of photography and creative techniques that you can apply to your mobile device.

The workshop is intended for smartphone photography and is suitable for any device and not only…

Everything you learn will benefit you even if you want to shoot with any other camera. Creative thinking is a skill that can be practiced, this time practiced in Purim photography.

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