In my way: leadership, entrepreneurship and innovation on stormy waters

תמונת יער בתחילת הסתיו

The lecture will share the successes, failures, challenges and insights from a life and career path, and their contribution in formulating on the lecture principles for the leadership, entrepreneurship and innovation required for technological leadership in 2021.

Lecturer: Dr. Orna Berry

ד'ר ארנה ברי
Orna Berry is a scientist, high-tech entrepreneur, businesswoman and senior manager in the science and technology sectors in Israel. The first woman in Israel to serve as Chief Scientist and Head of the Industrial R&D Directorate of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Employment in the Government of Israel. Holds the position of Vice President of EMC Dell and CEO
The Center of Excellence of the company in Israel. Today he holds a variety of key positions with technological, public and social influence.

Tuesday 27.10.2020 | At 6 p.m.