From script to viral video

A fascinating workshop on photography and editing for viral commercials / promotional videos. At the meeting we will present the t-school commercial video competition and you can choose to participate.

Video as “Eye-catching”

An eye-catching viral video? What should be in it in order to “catch” the viewer’s eye in every possible media.

Advertisement versus image

What is the difference between an advertisement on the media / television networks and an image film.

Film development

How do you start from scratch? What should I do to develop my film from thought to action?


How to write a script and what are the important guidelines for maintaining order and organization prior to filming.

Video Photography – Basic Rules

Receiving tools and guidelines for stable, high-quality and professional photography.

Video Editing

Mobile app – In shot HitFilm Express editing software – (pre-recorded tutorial) – optional


On Tuesday 31.08.2021 | Between 17: 30-19: 30 (Zoom)

Terms & Conditions of T-school commercial video contest (PDF)

Decision Making

A lecture spiced with a sense of humor that illustrates the (absurd) points that exist in the decision-making of us all.
Every day we make thousands of decisions. The decision-making process is complex and involves many components. Some decisions are made after lengthy thinking, but most are made almost automatically.
In this lecture, we will deal with the destructive effect of superstitions on decision making, examine what more influences decisions, absolute results or relative results? How do defaults affect our decisions and how can active and passive decisions be used to choose alternatives? And we will understand whether many choices improve the decision? ”
A lecture will give you tools for making better decisions in the business and personal areas.

Lecturer: Prof. Yossi Yasur, who holds a doctorate in decision theory from the Harvard Business School in the United States, is a lecturer in decision theory and business administration at the Ruppin Academic Center.

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My decisions are yours

It’s hard to harness people to new things. Certainly and certainly when it comes to opinion makers. The first thing we ask of the decision maker when we approach him with an idea or initiative that we have – even before we have asked for budgets, resources, and working hours – is his time. Therefore, in order to harness decision makers for a new idea one has to start from the end, speak the language of desired outcomes and measurements. In the workshop you will learn what is the right way to present and promote your idea in front of a decision maker, and you will come out with a tool that will help you on a practical level to turn any relevant decision maker (manager, colleague and partner) into a partner who takes an active part in your initiative.

Lecturer: Omri Avisaf

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Job Interview

A job interview can be a relatively simple matter if you know how to prepare for it properly, the lecture will deal with the various questions asked in a job interview and how to deal with them with the help of various tools of persuasion, storytelling, small talk and effective messaging. In the lecture, we will demonstrate step by step how to best pass the job interview.

Lecturer: Omri Avisaf

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Creative photography on a smartphone

Create amazing images, discover your creativity!

Ricky Zehavi – owner of a studio that specializes in conducting smartphone photography workshops.

A meeting with the link will be sent to subscribers) We all use our smartphones to photograph different things, whether it is documenting moments from our lives whether it is sharing our creativity or showing the world our destiny. In the workshop we will talk about popular photography styles, features in a smartphone and we will learn how to configure them to get the best and highest quality photos. In the workshop you will learn basic principles of photography and creative techniques that you can apply to your mobile device. The workshop is intended for smartphone photography and is suitable for any device and not only… Everything you learn will benefit you even if you want to shoot with any other camera. Creative thinking is a skill that can be practiced, this time we get used to photography.

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According to a study conducted at Harvard University, a good story is 22 times more memorable than any informative information conveyed in other ways. Not for nothing has the storytelling skill become popular and in demand everywhere in the world. A person’s ability to present each message in a concise and matter-of-fact manner that involves emotional and experiential elements for the audience is more important today than ever. In a world where people are always so busy and attention is easily distracted, the storytelling skill is essential to our success in any interpersonal dynamic. The lecture will help you put the focus in the right place and help you put together your winning story, as early as tomorrow morning!

Lecturer: Omri Avisaf

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How to change an idea to an initiative

Sometimes a simple solution gives a good answer to a big problem. Our day to day life is saturated with small and big ideas that can solve our problems, streamline processes or improve service. But in practice, most of these ideas remain a thought and do not materialize. In the workshop we will get to know five steps, which anyone can start performing starting tomorrow morning, that will turn your idea into an initiative that can not be refused.

Lecturer: Daphne Coldnoy

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The wisdom of improvisation

An energetic and funny experiential encounter, which combines insights from the world of improvisation into our lives Ronen Hershkovitz – Master of Improvisation, accompanies senior executives in organizations and companies in creative thinking, standing in front of an audience and conveying messages A smart, light and funny experiential meeting, with professional insights and insights into life, borrowed with a smile from the world of improvisation. Teamwork, thinking outside the box, flow and positive thinking – all of these are the basis for improvisational comedians.

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Goals and realization of potential

Most people live in this world without knowing why they live, what they want to achieve and how they want their lives, their work, their relationships to look. In the lecture – you will learn how to set the right goals, how to create an annual, clear and clear work plan for where you are going and how to achieve your goals, you will receive tools for raising your energy and you will know how to create long-term positive change.

Lecturer: Eran Shomron

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