From idea to an invention – What engineers and scientists need to know

lecture name : Mr Moti taicher .

Location : The Entrepreneurship and inovataion center.

Dates :  Wednesdays –    17.11,   24.11,   8.12,   15.12,   22.12,    29.12 .

Time : 17:00-19:00 ( pre – meeting in 16:30).

Topics :

  • Introduction to invention and innovation.
  • What patents are ?
  • How to think in a patents way for inventors.
  • How Inventions are born?
  • Inventions and Inventors.

The Event is free, but in condition of security deposit to Ms. Hila Rudichky in the Entrepreneurship center.

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Video editing workshop

In the video editing workshop we will deal with getting tools in the basics of editing and creating movies in the intuitive editing software: HitFilm Express. The course focuses on obtaining many technical tools in the editing software: integrating the raw materials and connecting them, getting to know windows The software and various shortcuts, combining music, titles, effects and transitions and exporting a finished movie For screening.

The Lecturer: Hela Eretz Kdusha

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Power Point Presentation Workshop

A series of 4 online sessions of 120 minutes each, which will be streamed in the Hebrew language. The workshop will deal with the development and design of presentations at an advanced level and is intended for those who wish to significantly improve the ability to build presentations at a professional and attractive level.

Lecturer: Eddie Levantman

Introduction and operation of Arduino micro-controller

Four meetings of 90 min. each in Hebrew (June 2020).

In the workshop:

What is a micro controller? Arduino Uno board; Arduino software development environment; Analog and digital inputs; read and write data from sensors; operation of diodes, sensors and motors using lab equipment.

The lecturer: Roman Shmasotadinov

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:

3D modeling using Fusion 360 software

Six sessions of two hours each in Hebrew (August-September 2020)

User interface; Working concept of bodies and parts; Work with sketches and parametric modeling; Work interface in sketch; use of geometric constraints and building connections between sketches; Using linked sketches and building adaptability between body modeling sketches using basic features such as; Editing features using sketches; Work with import and export of files ;; Working with trains; Inserting parts for assembly; Differences between bodies and parts; Sending a file for 3D printing; Kinematics in joint assemblies; Creating drawings.

The lecturer: Liav Sharami

Simulation Techniques in Matlab

The course is for Matlab users who have basic knowledge and experience. This is an advanced level course focused on modeling and simulation. Course topics will include the following: Modeling and simulations, understanding Simulink software and real-time simulation, building a graphical user interface and more. The course will include examples, exercises and a Final Project.

The lecturer: Dr. Michael Feldman

Introduction to Matlab

Four meetings, 90 min. each, in English (May 2020) :

This is the basic corse we will introduce the Metlab software for those who have not been exposed to the software until now. The course will teach you fundamental operations and variables, the basics of graphics, major math functions, import and export of files, effective programming in Metlab, examples and exercises. At the end of the course, the student will be able to independently perform various computational assignments (for example: performing computational homework, labs with experiments, etc) as well as programming in Matlab.

The lecturer: Elior Segev