The algorithm will see you from now on

Opportunities and challenges in the use of artificial intelligence in medicine

Lecturer: Mr. Elad Benjamin (Phillips VP)

Time and date: 26.12.21, Sunday, 16:30

Where: Entrepreneurship Center

About the lecture: The lecture will focus on the world of artificial intelligence and shed light on the development processes and how to use it in medicine, with an emphasis on the challenges that lie ahead and the foreseeable future.

The lecture is free of charge and without deposit

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LinkedIn: Everything you wanted to know

In the digital world we live in, it is difficult to ignore the presence of social media – in our private and business lives alike. Every person strives for the greatest presence on the web in order to get exposure in front of opportunities, customers and jobs. In the next webinar, I will teach you the secrets of the largest and most successful networking network in the world – LinkedIn. In the LinkedIn platform we will learn how to build the right profile that brings work, create strategic connections for us, write and stand out in the media, so we will learn how everyone can create a digital identity card that will represent them optimally.

In the personal counseling process, we will go over the profile you have built, refine it and receive personal tips just for us – for finding a job and hidden jobs!

Lecturer: Yael Scliar, with a broad business and marketing understanding, over a decade of experience in marketing strategy and marketing writing in a wide network distribution for a variety of brands, love for the writing and marketing professions and knowledge of the media world. I managed a media marketing strategy for digital brands and content that includes coffee and marketing services. Brands I worked with: Yedioth Ahronoth, Hot, Israir, Azrieli Group, Dan Gourmet and more, as well as small businesses. Teaches at the College of New Media, the College of Management, the Open University, JOLT and tailored personal counseling.

When? Sunday 11.04.2021 | 17:30 – 18:45 | The lecture will take place at ZOOM

The story of the construction and development of Moovit

In 2012, Moovit launched a free app for iOS, Android and the Web, to
Instruct people on how to get around efficiently and comfortably using any means of transportation. during
Over the years the company has grown and today it serves over 910 million users, 3,400 cities in 112 countries and operates in 45 languages.
Yaron Evron, will tell the story of Moovit which helps people change the way they use transport by connecting all possible means of transport and combines information coming from transport companies and authorities alongside real-time information coming from our user community to offer users the best available route for them.
In May 2020, Moovit was acquired by Intel to join forces with Mobileye and advance its MaaS strategy. Together, Moovit and Mobileye will accelerate the adoption of autonomous transportation worldwide.

Monday 14.12.2020 | At 5 p.m.

In my way: leadership, entrepreneurship and innovation on stormy waters

The lecture will share the successes, failures, challenges and insights from a life and career path, and their contribution in formulating on the lecture principles for the leadership, entrepreneurship and innovation required for technological leadership in 2021.

Lecturer: Dr. Orna Berry

ד'ר ארנה ברי
Orna Berry is a scientist, high-tech entrepreneur, businesswoman and senior manager in the science and technology sectors in Israel. The first woman in Israel to serve as Chief Scientist and Head of the Industrial R&D Directorate of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Employment in the Government of Israel. Holds the position of Vice President of EMC Dell and CEO
The Center of Excellence of the company in Israel. Today he holds a variety of key positions with technological, public and social influence.

Tuesday 27.10.2020 | At 6 p.m.

Job search from A to Z.

Finding a job today is not a simple process but it can be a great success!
In the upcoming webinar, we will accompany you through all the critical steps in finding a job, from writing a resume, interviews to signing a contract. We will bring you the most important tips and highlights that you can apply on the same day. The webinar is suitable for students and graduates with no experience and also for experienced people from all areas of practice, including high-tech. Come and be interesting!

Malam Team, the largest and leading group in the field of IT services in Israel.
“We employ thousands of workers in Israel and continue to grow at all times as an Israeli company with a variety of people and advanced technologies, in diverse projects in the fields of cyber, information security, communications, development, digital, DEVOPS and more.
The professional development of our employees is important to us, and we make an effort to expose them regularly to learning and professional content while maintaining a balance between leisure and family life and career.”


עידית משה
Esther Cooper, Employer Branding Manager, Malam Team
Responsible for employer branding and sourcing, with experience in technology recruitment in a wide range of fields.
For me recruitment and careers are a mission to accompany people from all walks of life towards achieving their aspirations and dreams.

Sunday 22.11.2020 | At 5:30 p.m.

The use of AI in medicine

From chronic diseases to initial insights on Cubid-19

Dr. Michal Rosen-Zvi’s lecture will include two parts: The first part will present two different artificial intelligence technologies used to understand diseases: the first, causal methods, inference causal, used to find new uses for old drugs. Second, deep learning technologies designed to support work Radiologists, as part of the presentation of these technologies, will also present the research results of the IBM research team in the context of Parkinson’s and breast cancer. Of the use of these methods and technologies for understanding Cubid’s disease.

About the lecturer: Dr. Michal Rosen-Zvi is a director of medical research at IBM’s research laboratories, a senior director of the research laboratory in Haifa and a visiting professor in the Faculty of Medicine at the Hebrew University. She has completed doctoral studies in Computational Learning at the University of California, Berkeley and the Hebrew University. Michal has published over 40 articles in scientific journals. Tech.

You will not believe how much innovation there is in the world of education

Join us, to hear about educational innovation from early childhood to higher education. Six lecturers, five lectures, 15 minutes each:

Do you really want to influence the company? Start early!
Lecturer: Dr. Anat Bar  and Zlila Frenkel-Persico

Help – Where do you get teachers ?? – The solution that lies under our noses.
Lecturer: Vicky Almog-Eisenberg

Why “why”?
Lecturer: Nir Rave

Fellow space – “Get along in life? Get along with yourself!”
Lecturer: Erez Lebkowitz

Integrating young people in the world of academia and industry.
Lecturer: Shmuel Chaoshu

When? June 14, 2020 at 5:30 pm (Sunday)

Starburst – A peek at an international accelerator

Starburst is the first international accelerator in aerospace. With 50 employees Worldwide, engineers for the most part, Accelerator grows about 30 startups each year. In conversation We will tell about the behind the scenes of the relationship with the startups and the uniqueness of working in the niche world And the specialty of aerospace. How do you work globally? How to choose startups from different angles In the world? How are the cultural differences felt?

When? June 10, 2020 at 5:30 pm (Wednesday)

How artificial intelligence is changing the world

Innovations and breakthroughs in Intel’s future AI computers.

You’ve probably heard of AI on several occasions, but what does it actually mean? Ofri Wexler, a leader in the future AI architectures at Intel, will talk about everything you need to know about the world of AI. Why this is a groundbreaking technology? What is Learning Deep anyway? Our tram to the servers of Amazon and Google? And where does Intel fit into the whole story?

Lecturer: Ofri Vexler – Fellow Intel Senior

When? May 13, 2020 at 5:30 pm (Wednesday)